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8 a.m. – Private Administrative Session This portion of the meeting was used to address administrative matters. Donna Deale, OCC Deputy Comptroller for Thrift Supervision and the Committee's Designated Federal Official, called the meeting to order and briefly described the purpose of the Mutual Savings Association Advisory Committee. Following that she(More)
  • K Solomon
  • 1977
There have been periodic case reports of sudden death due to aspiration or asphyxiation in patients receiving phenothiazines. The mechanism of death is unknown. The author reports a case of a drug-induced bulbar palsy-like syndrome in a man receiving fluphenazine enanthate and reviews the literature on sudden respiratory death and phenothiazines. He(More)
Pick's disease is a rare cause of dementia frequently misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's disease. Because patients with Pick's disease often present with psychiatric symptoms, the psychiatric aspects of this disorder are reviewed, as well as the pathology and epidemiology of the disease. Two case reports illustrate many of the clinical features of PD. A detailed(More)
The diarrheal pathogen Clostridium difficile consists of at least six distinct evolutionary lineages. The RT017 lineage is anomalous, as strains only express toxin B, compared to strains from other lineages that produce toxins A and B and, occasionally, binary toxin. Historically, RT017 initially was reported in Asia but now has been reported worldwide. We(More)
  • K Solomon
  • 1976
The hard-of-hearing psychotherapist is faced with special problems not faced by other therapists. This paper discusses these in a framework of reality, transference, and countertransference difficulties. Possible solutions are offered. The need of the therapist to work through his own feelings about his hearing deficit is discussed.