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Probabilistic predicates generalize standard predicates over a state space; with probabilistic predicate transformers one thus reasons about imperative programs in terms of probabilistic pre- and postconditions. Probabilistic healthiness conditions generalize the standard ones, characterizing “real” probabilistic programs, and are based on a(More)
The two models presented in this paper provide two diierent semantics for an extension of Dijkstra's language of guarded commands. The extended language has an additional operator , namely probabilistic choice, which makes it possible to express randomised algorithms. An earlier model by Claire Jones included probabilistic choice but not non-determinism,(More)
Jones and Plotkin give a general construction for forming a proba-bilistic powerdomain over any directed-complete partial order [Jon90, JP89]. We apply their technique to the failures/divergences semantic model for Communicating Sequential Processes [Hoa85]. The resulting probabilistic model supports a new binary operator, probabilistic choice, and retains(More)
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