Karen S. Waddell

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Vasopressin is a peptide hormone normally secreted via the regulated secretory pathway in neuro-endocrine cells. In an effort to determine which region of vasopressin contains sufficient information for sorting, we created five constructs with the cDNA for vasopressin or regions of vasopressin in frame with the gene for green fluorescent protein (GFP).(More)
Heparin-binding growth factor 1 (HBGF-1), also known as acidic fibroblast growth factor, is a potent mitogen and angiogenic factor found in tissues such as brain, kidney and heart. The genomic and cDNA sequences indicate that HBGF-1 does not have a typical signal peptide sequence. HBGF-1 was shown to be localized to the extracellular matrix of cardiac(More)
The effect of mercuric acetate on the activities of deoxyuridine triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase), DNA polymerase (alpha, beta), and uracil-DNA glycosylase has been studied in cultured human KB cells. There was a dose- and time-dependent inactivation of both dUTPase and DNA polymerase alpha activities by mercuric acetate. In cells exposed to low(More)
Deficiency of the purine metabolic enzyme adenosine deaminase causes severe immunodeficiency. Retroviruses have been reported to decrease the activity of adenosine deaminase, and many retroviruses, including feline leukemia virus, cause immunodeficiency. Levels of purine metabolic enzymes including adenosine deaminase and consequences of adenosine deaminase(More)
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