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Karen Rolf, UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA, and Joseph P. Ferrie, NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY and NBER March 7, 2008 Abstract The gap between the ages of husbands and wives in the U.S. fell in each decade from 1900 to 2000. We explore whether this trend was present as well in the second half of the nineteenth century. We find that age homogamy (similarity in the ages(More)
Understanding the link between early and later circumstances is vital to enhancing our understanding of basic physiological, social, and economic mechanisms in operation over the entire life course, to identifying the protective factors that mitigate the negative effects of some early life experiences, and to designing effective interventions that reduce(More)
Higher prior exposure to water-borne lead among male World War Two U.S. Army enlistees was associated with lower intelligence test scores. Exposure was proxied by urban residence and the water pH levels of the cities where enlistees lived in 1930. Army General Classification Test scores were six points lower (nearly 1/3 standard deviation) where pH was 6(More)
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