Karen Rokkedal Lausch

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of vitamin A supplementation and BCG vaccination at birth in low birthweight neonates. DESIGN Randomised, placebo controlled, two by two factorial trial. SETTING Bissau, Guinea-Bissau. PARTICIPANTS 1717 low birthweight neonates born at the national hospital. INTERVENTION Neonates who weighed less than 2.5 kg were(More)
BACKGROUND Observational studies have suggested that BCG may have nonspecific beneficial effects on survival. Low-birth-weight (LBW) children are not given BCG at birth in Guinea-Bissau; we conducted a randomized trial of BCG at birth (early BCG) vs delayed BCG. METHODS In the period 2004-2008 we recruited 2320 LBW children in Bissau. The children were(More)
BACKGROUND Studies from low-income countries have suggested that diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccine provided after Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccination may have a negative effect on female survival. The authors examined the effect of DTP in a cohort of low birthweight (LBW) infants. METHODS 2320 LBW newborns were visited at 2, 6 and 12 months(More)
Whether neonatal vitamin A supplementation (NVAS) should be policy in areas with vitamin A deficiency is debated. We observed that a smaller dose of vitamin A may decrease mortality more than a larger dose and conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in Guinea-Bissau with the primary aim of comparing the effect of 50,000 with 25,000 IU(More)
UNLABELLED In this study cerebral blood flow (CBF) was simultaneously measured with the Kety-Schmidt method and the intravenous 133Xe clearance technique. CBF, cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen (CMRO2), and CO2 reactivity of CBF were compared under fentanyl-midazolam anaesthesia and varying paCO2 levels. METHODS Thirteen male patients were studied before(More)
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