Karen R. Thickman

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How the nucleotide excision repair (NER) machinery gains access to damaged chromatinized DNA templates and how the chromatin structure is modified to promote efficient repair of the non-transcribed genome remain poorly understood. The UV-damaged DNA-binding protein complex (UV-DDB, consisting of DDB1 and DDB2, the latter of which is mutated in xeroderma(More)
The essential DNA helicase, PcrA, regulates recombination by displacing the recombinase RecA from the DNA. The nucleotide-bound state of RecA determines the stability of its nucleoprotein filaments. Using single-molecule fluorescence approaches, we demonstrate that RecA displacement by a translocating PcrA requires the ATPase activity of the recombinase. We(More)
Generative models of protein structure enable researchers to predict the behavior of proteins under different conditions. Continuous graphical models are powerful and efficient tools for modeling static and dynamic distributions, which can be used for learning generative models of molecular dynamics. In this thesis, we develop new and improved continuous(More)
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