Karen R. Thickman

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The expression and function of the newly identified Bcl-2- and Raf-1- binding protein, Bag-1, during the cytokine-regulated growth of B and T cell lines was examined. Immunoblot analysis of lysates from the interleukin-3 (IL-3)-dependent B cell line Ba/F3, and the PRL-dependent T cell line Nb2, revealed that variations in Bag-1 levels paralleled alterations(More)
The essential DNA helicase, PcrA, regulates recombination by displacing the recombinase RecA from the DNA. The nucleotide-bound state of RecA determines the stability of its nucleoprotein filaments. Using single-molecule fluorescence approaches, we demonstrate that RecA displacement by a translocating PcrA requires the ATPase activity of the recombinase. We(More)
How the nucleotide excision repair (NER) machinery gains access to damaged chromatinized DNA templates and how the chromatin structure is modified to promote efficient repair of the non-transcribed genome remain poorly understood. The UV-damaged DNA-binding protein complex (UV-DDB, consisting of DDB1 and DDB2, the latter of which is mutated in xeroderma(More)
Essential, protein-protein complexes between the large subunit of the U2 small nuclear RNA auxiliary factor (U2AF65) with the splicing factor 1 (SF1) or the spliceosomal component SF3b155 are exchanged during a critical, ATP-dependent step of pre-mRNA splicing. Both SF1 and the N-terminal domain of SF3b155 interact with a U2AF homology motif (UHM) of(More)
The metal binding properties of peptides corresponding to metal-binding sites spanning regions that normally function as linkers in tandem arrays of metal-binding domain-containing proteins were examined. For a peptide with two His residues from one TFIIIA-like zinc finger domain, a canonical TFIIIA-like linker, and two Cys residues from an adjacent zinc(More)
The essential splicing factors U2AF⁶⁵ and SF1 cooperatively bind consensus sequences at the 3' end of introns. Phosphorylation of SF1 on a highly conserved "SPSP" motif enhances its interaction with U2AF⁶⁵ and the pre-mRNA. Here, we reveal that phosphorylation induces essential conformational changes in SF1 and in the SF1/U2AF⁶⁵/3' splice site complex.(More)
The essential pre-mRNA splicing factor, U2 auxiliary factor 65KD (U2AF(65)) recognizes the polypyrimidine tract (Py-tract) consensus sequence of the pre-mRNA using two RNA recognition motifs (RRMs), the most prevalent class of eukaryotic RNA-binding domain. The Py-tracts of higher eukaryotic pre-mRNAs are often interrupted with purines, yet U2AF(65) must(More)
The activity of potato polyphenol oxidase (tyrosinase) toward DL-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (K(M) 5.39 mM) was studied using a variety of carboxylate buffers at a common pH and ionic strength. Enzyme activity, greatest in citrate and least in oxalate, correlated with increasing carboxyl concentration and molecular mass. The lower activity in oxalate was(More)
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