Karen Peacock

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Subcutaneous rupture of the peroneus longus tendon occurring through a fracture of the os peroneum sesamoid in the foot, confirmed at surgery, is a rare injury, possibly with only one previously reported case. In the present case, the patient fell from a curb with the foot and ankle in supination; to prevent the fall, the patient forcibly everted the foot(More)
CONTEXT To reduce unintended pregnancy and HIV infection, it is critical to develop reliable male condoms that will attract consumers who reject conventional latex condoms. METHODS In a prospective clinical trial conducted in 1998-2000, 830 monogamous couples were randomized in equal numbers to use either a nonlatex condom or a commercial natural latex(More)
Accurate measurement of semen exposure resulting from condom failures can refine public health messages and improve predictions of condom efficacy in preventing pregnancy and HIV transmission. Eight hundred and thirty couples enrolled in a condom efficacy study were asked to collect a baseline sample of ejaculate from the inside of the first study condom(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the 6-month cumulative probability of pregnancy, short-term adverse effects, and acceptability of cellulose sulfate vaginal contraceptive gel. METHODS Two hundred fertile heterosexual couples were enrolled in this single-center, phase II, 6-month noncomparative study conducted at the California Family Health Council in Los Angeles,(More)
Eighty-seven patients participated in a prospective, double-blind, clinical study to determine the efficacy of preventive antibiotics in the management of common open traumatic hand wounds ranging in severity from single nail bed injuries with open fractures to moderately contaminated wounds involving tendon, bone, joint, and neurovascular structures. Under(More)
BACKGROUND Although public health programs invest heavily in the male latex condom, its efficacy in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease has been based primarily on in vitro and retrospective studies. METHODS We combine the results from two randomized, controlled contraceptive efficacy trials that used commercial latex condoms brands(More)