Karen P. Eriksen

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OBJECTIVE To measure the effect of a school fruit and vegetable subscription on children's intake of fruit and vegetables after 5 weeks of intervention. SETTING Seven primary schools in Denmark. DESIGN AND METHODS Intervention schools (n=4) were offered a fruit and vegetable subscription comprising one piece per day. Control schools situated in another(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether follow-up services for stroke survivors could improve functional outcome and reduce readmission rate. In this paper results of functional outcome are reported. DESIGN Randomized controlled trial allocating patients to one of three different types of aftercare: (1) follow-up home visits by a physician, (2) physiotherapist(More)
Developmental predictors of students’ ability to learn counseling skills would help counselor educators select candidates and assist admitted students in their learning. The present research examined the relationship between adult development, as measured by the Learning Environment Preferences test (W. S. Moore, 1989) and the Defining Issues Test (J. Rest,(More)
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