Karen Neuman Allen

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Individuals with hemophilia and other congenital bleeding disorders are surviving beyond any life expectancy previously predicted and now face conditions associated with "normal" aging. Hemophilia along with co-morbid conditions of HIV and Hepatitis C complicate treatment for heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, and other age-related diseases. Lack of(More)
This article describes a group for domestic violence survivors to help them move past a "liminal" state in which their social identity is characterized by being "victim" or "survivor" to one of "incorporation" defined by "thriving" and joy. Through the creation and use of healing rituals, blessings, poetry, art and music, the women in the group establish(More)
3 B assessment and the development of appropriate intervention strategies for a particular client require consideration of the individual in relation to a larger social context. To accomplish this, we use principles and concepts derived from systems theory. Systems theory is a way of elaborating increasingly complex systems across a continuum that(More)
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