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We would like to thank Dr. Raimundo Matule (Deputy Director of INCAJU) for meeting with us in New York and commenting on an earlier draft. We thank Jehan Arulpragasam, Sidney Bliss, Ewen Cobban, Carlos Costa, Jaikishan Desai, John Fynn, Joe Hanlon, Nicholas Kottak, Ana Machalela, Graham Mann, Paulo Mole, Peter Moll, Timothy Mooney, Patrick Nicholson, Dan(More)
In the modern way of thinking, the influence of environmental aerosol on human health represents a partial problem of the manifold interrelations between biological, chemical, and physical environmental factors in terms of their combined and complex effect on the human organism, including the socio-economic environmental conditions. As regards the air as an(More)
Some 65,000 requests for visits by Emergency Aid (SMH) at First-Aid Station Berlin (capital of the GDR) had been noticed in winter 1981/82. About 25,000 requests for visits were only because of cardio-circulatory and respiratory system-symptoms. The number of these requests for visits increased continuously from January to March, especially during days of(More)
In the framework of an epidemiological cross sectional study on the medical effects of environmental carbon disulphide loads a specific exposure analysis has been developed concerning this harmful substance. The main point of this analysis is the determination of the individual exposure by personal sampling and biological monitoring, respectively, in(More)