Karen Meister

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BACKGROUND Multiple births are increasing, and may be associated with birth defects. METHODS To explore this relationship, data from the Virginia birth defects registry (VaCARES) was analyzed. RESULTS During 1989-1998, a total of 44505 children from singleton births and 2258 children from multiple births were born with birth defects in Virginia. The(More)
The present study aimed to investigate how the heat-related increase in deaths in summer and the extent of mortality displacement depend on influenza and other categories of mortality in the previous winter, which when low leaves a greater pool of susceptible individuals. Mortality data from Stockholm, Sweden, from 1990-2002 were stratified into a summer(More)
A transceive RF birdcage coil designed for very high field with a novel matching scheme was implemented with the specific geometry chosen for the human knee. This coil design incorporates a hinge for greater patient accessibility. Volunteer human subjects were studied using spin-echo and 3D gradient echo sequences for image acquisition. The higher(More)
Between 1989 and 1993 we implanted a matrix support prosthesis made of carbon fibre for the treatment of chronic painful articular defects of the patella in 27 patients. The mean period of follow-up was 33 months (11 to 54) with clinical and arthroscopic evaluation of the implant. Overall, there were four excellent, three good, seven fair and 13 poor(More)
The Mechanical Diagnostic Test Bed (MDTB) was constructed as a multisensor instrumented gear/transmission test stand by the Pennsylvania State University in the area of Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM). The MDTB data acquisition system is capable of recording (using PC-LabWindows) transitional run-to-failure data sets from a variety of commensurate and(More)
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