Karen McMahon

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Long-term potentiation (LTP), a leading neural mechanism of memory, is profoundly affected by ethanol in vitro, but ethanol's effect on LTP in vivo has not been studied at doses known to impair memory. In this study, LTP was induced in the dentate hilus by theta-pattern stimulation of the perforant path. Dentate evoked responses were recorded during a 3 h(More)
The conceptual foundations of a research aimed at the determination of potential neuronal, neuropharmacological, and behavioral/cognitive mechanisms mediating drug-induced cognition enhancement are discussed. The available evidence justifies a focus on attentional processes as a target for drug-induced cognition enhancement. Neuropharmacological mechanisms(More)
Investigation into the neural basis for ethanol-induced cognitive dysfunction requires the use of valid animal models. An operant signal detection procedure was developed to assess simultaneously the processes of sustained attention and working memory in rats, and to determine the effects of ethanol on these cognitive functions. Ethanol, at 0.75 g/kg ip,(More)
COURSE DESCRIPTION This course will explore the interrelationships between humans and plants. An introduction to basic plant biology including plant anatomy, morphology, physiology, reproduction, and taxonomy will provide a framework for exploring the process of plant domestication and its economic and cultural consequences for humans. We will explore the(More)
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