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A sustained inflation has been advocated as a potential method of augmenting lung aeration at birth. Clinical trials have suggested that a sustained inflation may lead to a reduced need for intubation and ventilation in the first few days of life, without cardiovascular compromise or increased lung injury. Despite this, a sustained inflation is not(More)
Despite the increased use of noninvasive respiratory support, pneumothoraces remain a significant risk for preterm infants. Early detection and subsequent intervention are essential to minimize the risk for associated mortality and morbidity (1). Clinical symptoms are often nonspecific and vary from sudden to delayed presentation (2). The lack of rapid(More)
Background:To describe the interrelationship between antenatal steroids, exogenous surfactant, and two approaches to lung recruitment at birth on oxygenation and respiratory system compliance (Cdyn) in preterm lambs.Methods:Lambs (n = 63; gestational age 127 ± 1 d) received either surfactant at 10-min life (Surfactant), antenatal corticosteroids (Steroid),(More)
BACKGROUND Intensive care patients are susceptible to developing painful corneal epithelial deficits. Provision of eye care to prevent deficits was limited in our paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) population. INTERVENTIONS A new eye care bundle was introduced, comprising a guideline for eye care, the addition of eye lubricants to the electronic(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the feasibility of determining the pattern and prevalence of alcohol consumption in pregnancy by measuring ethanol biomarkers in meconium. DESIGN Population-based observational study. SETTING Inner-city maternity unit in Scotland, UK. POPULATION Random sample of singleton infants delivered after 36 completed weeks' gestation.(More)
BackgroundCurrent sustained lung inflation (SI) approaches use uniform pressures and durations. We hypothesized that gestational-age-related mechanical and developmental differences would affect the time required to achieve optimal lung aeration, and resultant lung volumes, during SI delivery at birth in lambs.Methods49 lambs, in five cohorts between 118(More)
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