Karen Mary Mantovani

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Layered materials are a very interesting class of compounds obtained by stacking of two-dimensional layers along the basal axis. A remarkable property of these materials is their capacity to interact with a variety of chemical species, irrespective of their charge (neutral, cationic or anionic). These species can be grafted onto the surface of the layered(More)
Several functional hybrid materials have been reported as immobilized porphyrin derivatives in various organic and inorganic host materials (polymers, mineral clays, silica, etc.), with potential applications in various fields, such as photochemistry, electrochemistry and heterogeneous catalysis. Layered double hydroxides (LDHs), commonly known as(More)
Nitrate-intercalated Mg-Al layered double hydroxides (LDHs) were synthesized and exfoliated in formamide. Reaction of the single layer suspension with thiosalicylic acid under different conditions afforded two types of solids: LDHA1, in which the outer surface was modified with the anion thiosalicylate, and LDHA2, which contained the anion thiosalicylate(More)
Herein, we report the synthesis and characterization, through elemental analysis, electronic spectroscopy, electrochemistry, potentiometric titration, electron paramagnetic resonance, and magnetochemistry, of two dinuclear copper(II) complexes, using the unsymmetrical ligands(More)
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