Karen Mackey

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Flavopiridol is a protein bound, cytotoxic, cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor. Flavopiridol given by 1-hour bolus at 50 mg/m(2) daily 3 times followed by cytosine arabinoside and mitoxantrone (FLAM) is active in adults with poor-risk acute leukemias. A pharmacologically derived "hybrid" schedule (30-minute bolus followed by 4-hour infusion) of flavopiridol(More)
PURPOSE Incorporation of cytarabine into DNA activates checkpoint kinase 1 (Chk1), which stabilizes stalled replication forks, induces S-phase slowing, and diminishes cytarabine cytotoxicity. The selective Chk1 inhibitor SCH 900776 abrogates cytarabine-induced S-phase arrest and enhances cytarabine cytotoxicity in acute leukemia cell lines and leukemic(More)
BACKGROUND Flavopiridol is a protein-bound, cytotoxic, cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor. A phase II trial of flavopiridol followed by ara-C and mitoxantrone with flavopiridol given by 1-h bolus for adults with newly-diagnosed, poor-risk acute myelogenous leukemia yielded 67% complete remission with median disease-free survival of 13.6 months. DESIGN AND(More)
Introduction This paper describes a strategy for achieving a library of reusable software based on an interactive Ada interface builder. The interface builder is called GRAMMI, which stands for Generated Reusable Ada Man Machine Interface. It is being developed at ESL, Inc. for use with applications written in Ada. The GRAMMI system has a point and click(More)
This paper describes an introductor y level course in applications programmin g using the COBOL language. and discusse s the need for such courses in universit y computer science offerings. The cours e that will be considered is taught as a beginning course in COBOL programming a t Northern Illinois University. In it s current form, large numbers of student(More)