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Apnoeic oxygenation (AO) combined with extracorporeal CO2 removal (ECCO2R), using venovenous perfusion across a membrane area of 0.1m2 has been shown to be feasible in six healthy anaesthetized rabbits. In a further twelve rabbits, ECCO2R has been randomly compared with conventional mechanical ventilation (CMV) following saline lavage to induce respiratory(More)
BACKGROUND Lung growth in children is associated with dramatic increases in the number and surface area of alveolated airways. Modelling studies have shown the slope of the alveolar plateau (phase III) is sensitive to the total cross-sectional area of these airways. Therefore, the influence of age and body size on the phase III slope of the volumetric(More)
AIMS To explore and validate the utility of rumen endoscopy for collection of rumen papillae for gene expression measurement. METHODS Four adult Coopworth ewes were fasted for either 4 or 24 hours. Animals were sedated, placed in a dorsally recumbent position at 45 degrees with the head upright, and an endoscope inserted via a tube inserted into the(More)
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