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Recent advances in genomics include global assessment and classification of genome content, high-throughput biological pathway construction, systematic identification of previously unpredicted genes and the in vitro creation of novel motifs with biological function not found in nature (extra-genomic gene discovery). The ability to make global surveys of(More)
Increasing DO2 to supranormal levels, spontaneously or therapeutically, correlates with better survival in the critically ill patient, but not all patients who attain a DO2I greater than 600 mL/min/m2 survive. Conversely, there is often a 50% or greater survival rate in patients who do not reach normal DO2I values. No investigator has been able to show an(More)
Sonography can be used for the accurate differentiation of many benign and malignant solid breast lesions. However, considerable experience, and close correlation with the physical examination and the mammogram, are required to do so. Sixteen sonographic signs useful in this differentiation are reviewed. The specific sonographic appearances of the most(More)
BACKGROUND Each year many patients present to an emergency department for treatment of acute primary headache. We investigated the diagnosis and clinical outcome of patients treated for primary headache in the emergency department. METHODS Patients treated for acute primary headache in the emergency department completed a questionnaire related to their(More)
Eleven patients with sharply circumscribed round to ovoid renal cysts measuring 70-90 H on CT are reported. The cysts were hyperdense on unenhanced scans, measuring 30-60 H greater than the adjacent parenchyma, and either hypodense, isodense, or hyperdense on enhanced scans. Four patients had polycystic kidney disease; of the other 7 patients, the cysts(More)
BACKGROUND Since the introduction of minimally invasive surgical techniques in thoracic surgery in 1990, video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) has become the approach for many thoracic operations. The role of VATS has slowly evolved but has not been clearly defined. To better understand the role of VATS, we undertook a survey of practicing thoracic(More)
Data from non random groups of deliveries with some identical clinical factors were compared and certain conclusions are suggested. Most x-ray examinations which cause significant fetal exposure are pelvimetries. There appears to be no uniform set of indications for performing pelvimetry. Instead, the criteria seem to vary from hospital to hospital and even(More)
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