Karen M. D’Souza

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GLP-1 receptor (GLP-1R) agonists may improve endothelial function (EF) via metabolic improvement and direct vascular action. The current study determined the effect of GLP-1R agonist exenatide on postprandial EF in type 2 diabetes and the mechanisms underlying GLP-1R agonist-mediated vasodilation. Two crossover studies were conducted: 36 participants with(More)
Mice over-expressing the alpha(1)_subunit (pore) of the L-type Ca2+ channel (alpha(1C)TG) by 4 months (mo) of age exhibit an enlarged heart, hypertrophied myocytes, increased Ca2+ current and Ca2+ transient amplitude, but a normal SR Ca2+ load. With advancing age (8-11 mo), some mice demonstrate advanced hypertrophy but are not in congestive heart failure(More)
BACKGROUND Increased activity of single ventricular L-type Ca(2+)-channels (L-VDCC) is a hallmark in human heart failure. Recent findings suggest differential modulation by several auxiliary beta-subunits as a possible explanation. METHODS AND RESULTS By molecular and functional analyses of human and murine ventricles, we find that enhanced L-VDCC(More)
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