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We have previously reported that the supplementation of ganglioside-enriched complex-milk-lipids improves cognitive function and that a phospholipid-enriched complex-milk-lipid prevents age-related cognitive decline in rats. This current study evaluated the effects of post-natal supplementation of ganglioside- and phospholipid-enriched complex-milk-lipids(More)
INTRODUCTION In the Microbicide Trial Network MTN-003 (VOICE) study, a Phase IIB pre-exposure prophylaxis trial of daily oral or vaginal tenofovir (TFV), product adherence was poor based on pharmacokinetic (PK) drug detection in a random subsample. Here, we sought to compare behavioural and PK measures of adherence and examined correlates of adherence(More)
Targeting protein stability with small molecules has emerged as an effective tool to control protein abundance in a fast, scalable and reversible manner. The technique involves tagging a protein of interest (POI) with a destabilizing domain (DD) specifically controlled by a small molecule. The successful construction of such fusion proteins may, however, be(More)
  • Ken Sauer, Marilyn Buck, Susan Powers, Tj Rivard, Kathy Johnson, Dennis Groth +70 others
  • 2015
Please contact Sara Appel at sappel@che.in.gov with any corrections or edits. Preamble In 2013 the Indiana legislature enacted Senate Enrolled Act 182, thereby establishing the requirements for a Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC) of at least 30 credit hours. The statute states that each educational institution, in collaboration with the(More)
PURPOSE Goblet cells may represent a potentially successful adaptive response to acid and bile by producing a thick mucous barrier that protects against cancer development in Barrett's esophagus (BE). The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between goblet cells (GC) and risk of progression to adenocarcinoma, and DNA content flow cytometric(More)
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