Karen Leung

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Mutations in MECP2, encoding methyl CpG binding protein 2, cause the neurodevelopmental disorder Rett syndrome. MeCP2 is an abundant nuclear protein that binds to chromatin and modulates transcription in response to neuronal activity. Prior studies of MeCP2 function have focused on specific gene targets of MeCP2, but a more global role for MeCP2 in neuronal(More)
Imprinting, non-coding RNA and chromatin organization are modes of epigenetic regulation that modulate gene expression and are necessary for mammalian neurodevelopment. The only two known mammalian clusters of genes encoding small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs), SNRPN through UBE3A(15q11-q13/7qC) and GTL2(14q32.2/12qF1), are neuronally expressed, localized to(More)
— Real-time implementation of the control contraction metric (CCM) method for nonlinear stabilization involves computation of a shortest path (a geodesic) between pairs of states. In this paper we propose the use of a direct numerical method, namely a Chebyshev pseudospectral method, to compute a geodesic. We investigate the influence of various parameters(More)
Background Information: Limited research has suggested that rural residents are at increased risk of dementia. Objective: The objective of this study is to determine if rural residence is associated with dementia using both cross-sectional and prospective analyses. Methods: In 1991, 1763 community-dwelling adults aged 65+ participated in the Manitoba Study(More)
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