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If job training has positive impacts on worker satisfaction, then job training can have desirable consequences for an organization that result both directly through its effects on productivity and indirectly through its effects on job satisfaction. Furthermore, the aging of the workforce implies that older workers will become increasingly important to firms(More)
An economic approach to household formation in the United States among unrelated individuals not living in consensual unions is presented. Data are from the March 1980 Current Population Survey. Factors considered include income and housing costs. The results suggest that the incidence of unrelated housemates is more common among householders who are(More)
  • Karen Leppel
  • The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse
  • 2006
College binge drinking is examined from the perspectives of two cultures. The traditional culture views binging as deviant; the second culture promotes it. In this context, logit regression is used to explore the effects of various factors, including student employment and parental education. Employed students are less likely to binge than are students who(More)
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When a partner is disabled and not in the labour force, the need for earnings provided by the non-disabled partner increases. However, the disabled partner's need for care raises the value of time spent at home by the non-disabled partner. The direction of the relation between partner disability and hours worked varies with couple type because connecting(More)
BACKGROUND In response to the growing need for accessible, affordable, and quality health care, increasing numbers of convenient care clinics (CCCs) are being launched in the United States. Although these clinics have the potential to increase health care access and reduce health care costs, the benefits are lost if individuals are afraid to use them(More)
  • Karen Leppel
  • The Malayan economic review : the journal of the…
  • 1982
A model of the determinants of child quality and of the value of a woman's time is developed and tested using data from the Malaysian Family Life Survey of 1976-1977. Child quality is measured by educational attainment; factors influencing the value of the mother's time include size and age composition of household, family income, education, and hours(More)
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