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  • Joanna Putterill, Frances Robson, Karen Lee, Rüdiger Simon, George Coupland
  • 1995
The vegetative and reproductive (flowering) phases of Arabidopsis development are clearly separated. The onset of flowering is promoted by long photoperiods, but the constans (co) mutant flowers later than wild type under these conditions. The CO gene was isolated, and two zinc fingers that show a similar spacing of cysteines, but little direct homology, to(More)
Evidence-based health-care decision making requires comparisons of all relevant competing interventions. In the absence of randomized, controlled trials involving a direct comparison of all treatments of interest, indirect treatment comparisons and network meta-analysis provide useful evidence for judiciously selecting the best choice(s) of treatment. Mixed(More)
A deeper understanding of the mechanisms that underlie plant growth and development requires quantitative data on three-dimensional (3D) morphology and gene activity at a variety of stages and scales. To address this, we have explored the use of optical projection tomography (OPT) as a method for capturing 3D data from plant specimens. We show that OPT can(More)
Protein quality control is essential for cellular survival. Failure to eliminate pathogenic proteins leads to their intracellular accumulation in the form of protein aggregates. Autophagy can recognize protein aggregates and degrade them in lysosomes. However, some aggregates escape the autophagic surveillance. Here we analyse the autophagic degradation of(More)
At VSMM 2000 and 2001, we described the design and implementation of, and public response to, an immersive interactive museum exhibit called " This Old Digital City " (TODC). TODC uses real-time virtual environment technology to immerse museum visitors in a 3D reconstruction of Cedar Rapids, Iowa during two time periods, the 1900s and the 1920s. The exhibit(More)
Despite significant progress in the development of therapies for relapsing MS, progressive MS remains comparatively disappointing. Our objective, in this paper, is to review the current challenges in developing therapies for progressive MS and identify key priority areas for research. A collaborative was convened by volunteer and staff leaders from several(More)
  • Victoria Collin, Gilbert Tran, Dear Victoria, Gil, David Kennedy, Cogr Cc +1 other
  • 2014
The Council on Governmental Relations (COGR) appreciates your continued willingness to receive input from COGR and all stakeholders from the grant recipient community. The proposed FAQs, with answers, that we have provided in this letter will help to support a smooth implementation of the OMB Uniform Guidance. Note, FAQs applicable to Procurement and Fringe(More)
This paper is concerned with extracting 3D models from volu-metric images. Building models of 3D shape relies on placement of landmarks and in many biological and medical applications automatic landmark placement is impractical. We introduce a system, called uFeel, which allows manual placement of landmarks in 3D using a combination of stereo and haptics.(More)