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Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of beta1 integrin in oligodendrocyte maturation in vitro. Similar studies in vivo have been difficult due to the embryonic and perinatal lethality of null mutations in integrin subunits. Here, we have generated transgenic mouse models that overexpress full length beta1 integrin or express a dominant-negative(More)
As the world's population ages, there is an increasing need for community environments to support physical activity and social connections for older adults. This exploratory study sought to better understand older adults' usage and perceptions of community green spaces in Taipei, Taiwan, through direct observations of seven green spaces and nineteen(More)
This study investigated intrinsic motivation as a mediator of the relationship between clinical symptoms and functioning. The mediation model was tested with a sample of 166 adults with schizophrenia spectrum disorders attending psychosocial rehabilitation programs in a diverse urban community. Ethnic minority status was examined as a moderator of the(More)
Recent advances in wireless networking technologies and the growing success of mobile computing devices are enabling new classes of applications which present challenging problems for designers. Distributed applications running in a mobile environment are often subject to widely varying qualities of service from the underlying infrastructure. The objective(More)
We derive a sufficient condition for the existence of index-guided modes in a very general class of dielectric waveguides, including photonic-crystal fibers (arbitrary periodic claddings, such as "holey fibers"), anisotropic materials, and waveguides with periodicity along the propagation direction. This condition provides a rigorous guarantee of(More)
This paper is concerned with extracting 3D models from volu-metric images. Building models of 3D shape relies on placement of landmarks and in many biological and medical applications automatic landmark placement is impractical. We introduce a system, called uFeel, which allows manual placement of landmarks in 3D using a combination of stereo and haptics.(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent studies have demonstrated the negative health consequences associated with extended sitting time, including metabolic disturbances and decreased life expectancy. The objectives of this study were to characterize sitting time in an urban adult population and assess the validity of a 2-question method of self-reported sitting time. (More)
We present analytical results that shed new light on the properties of photonic-crystal fibers (optical fibers with periodic structures in their cladding). First, we discuss a general theorem, applicable to any periodic cladding structure, that gives rigorous conditions for the existence of cutoff-free guided modes—it lets you look at a structure, in most(More)