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Hippocampal 'place' cells and the head-direction cells of the dorsal presubiculum and related neocortical and thalamic areas appear to be part of a preconfigured network that generates an abstract internal representation of two-dimensional space whose metric is self-motion. It appears that viewpoint-specific visual information (e.g. landmarks) becomes(More)
The firing characteristics of 1437 CA1 pyramidal neurons were studied in relation to both spatial location and the phase of the theta rhythm in healthy young and old rats performing a simple spatial task on a rectangular track. The old rats had previously been found to be deficient on the Morris spatial learning task. Age effects on the theta rhythm per se(More)
Meal size is decreased during the estrous stage of the rat's ovarian reproductive cycle. This is mediated, in part, by estradiol's ability to increase the strength by which negative-feedback signals function to inhibit meal size. For example, we recently reported that the anorectic effect of fenfluramine, a serotonin agonist, is enhanced during estrus.(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Studies were designed to examine the effects of dietary fats on metabolic effects of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, Ecstasy). These effects included hyperthermia, expression of uncoupling protein (UCP1 and 3) in brown adipose tissue or skeletal muscle and plasma free fatty acid (FFA) levels. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH Male(More)
Teile von Hörknöchelchen und Knochenteilchen vom proximalen Ende der hinteren Gehörgangswand von Patienten mit und ohne Otosklerose wurden auf ihren Gehalt an Hexosamin (als Index für Mucopolysaccharide) und für Hydroxyprolin und Prolin (als Index für Kollagen) untersucht. Ebenso warden Hörknöchelchen und Kürettagen von verschiedenen Bezirken des nicht(More)
Lipid is an essential macronutrient in parenteral nutrition (PN) support. intravenous (IV) lipid provides essential fatty acids and a concentrated calorie source. Preterm infants are at risk for essential fatty deficiency early in life. Lipid administration is associated with some risks, and there are guidelines for administration to minimize complications.(More)
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