Karen L. Price

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Current success in organ transplantation is dependent upon the use of calcineurin-inhibitor-based immunosuppressive regimens. Unfortunately, current immunotherapy targets molecules with ubiquitous expression resulting in devastating non-immune side effects. T-cell costimulation has been identified as a new potential immunosuppressive target. The best(More)
To investigate the effects of cigarette smoke on the expression of genes encoding intracellular antioxidant species, we exposed rats to whole cigarette smoke or air (control) daily for 1, 2, 7, or 14 days. After sacrifice, RNA was extracted from one lung and expression of mRNA for catalase (CAT), manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD), copper-zinc(More)
Type-2 diabetes mellitus increases risk of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. However, the mechanisms linking hyperglycemia and atherosclerosis remain poorly understood. One proposed mechanism involves endothelial dysfunction via activation of protein kinase C beta (PKC beta). Prior studies demonstrate beneficial effects of PKC beta inhibition on(More)
Decreases in gastric mucosal pH (pHi) are associated with splanchnic hypoxia in animals and with increased mortality in patients. In the present study we measured changes in gastric pHi with a tonometer in septic patients after a short-term infusion of dobutamine. These changes were compared with concurrent alterations in systemic O2 consumption (VO2) and(More)
In recent years, reagents have been developed that specifically target signals critical for effective T cell activation and function. Manipulation of the CD28/CD80/86 and CD40/CD154 pathways has exhibited extraordinary efficacy, particularly when the pathways are blocked simultaneously. Despite the reported efficacy of anti-CD154 in rodents and higher(More)
The Drug Information Association Bayesian Scientific Working Group (BSWG) was formed in 2011 with a vision to ensure that Bayesian methods are well understood and broadly utilized for design and analysis and throughout the medical product development process, and to improve industrial, regulatory, and economic decision making. The group, composed of(More)
Availability of individual patient-level data (IPD) broadens the scope of network meta-analysis (NMA) and enables us to incorporate patient-level information. Although IPD is a potential gold mine in biomedical areas, methodological development has been slow owing to limited access to such data. In this paper, we propose a Bayesian IPD NMA modeling(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD), the relationship between cognitive and functional progression is not fully understood; however, functional decline has been postulated to follow cognitive decline. OBJECTIVE To assess the relationship between cognitive and functional treatment effects in mild AD dementia patients. METHODS Data of(More)
Exposure to mineral dusts is associated with the development of chronic airflow obstruction, probably mediated in part by dust-induced fibrosis of the small airways. To investigate the mechanism of fibrosis, we exposed rat tracheal explants to amosite asbestos, iron oxide, or titanium dioxide. Explants were then maintained in air organ culture, and the(More)
Children represent a large underserved population of "therapeutic orphans," as an estimated 80% of children are treated off-label. However, pediatric drug development often faces substantial challenges, including economic, logistical, technical, and ethical barriers, among others. Among many efforts trying to remove these barriers, increased recent(More)