Karen L Nero

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Antisaccadic eye movements were examined in 50 patients with schizophrenia and in 77 controls in three Pacific populations, namely New Zealand, Palau and Papua New Guinea. Despite the great biocultural variation encompassed by these three populations, schizophrenic patients made significantly more antisaccadic-errors than controls (36% vs. 13%), as has been(More)
BACKGROUND Although millions of people with schizophrenia live in betel chewing regions, the effects of betel chewing on their symptoms are unknown. Betel nut alkaloids include potent muscarinic cholinomimetics: recent research suggests that these agents may be therapeutic in schizophrenia. AIMS To compare the primary and extrapyramidal symptom profiles(More)
Economic and political changes in Palau in the last two decades have led to a rapid increase in the numbers of foreign workers. At current levels of growth, Palauans could become a minority in their own country. We examine the global processes that have produced this phenomenon and discuss their social and cultural impacts on Palau. In doing so we examine(More)
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