Karen L. McLeod

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The ocean plays a critical role in supporting human well-being, from providing food, livelihoods and recreational opportunities to regulating the global climate. Sustainable management aimed at maintaining the flow of a broad range of benefits from the ocean requires a comprehensive and quantitative method to measure and monitor the health of coupled(More)
Management of marine ecosystems increasingly demands comprehensive and quantitative assessments of ocean health, but lacks a tool to do so. We applied the recently developed Ocean Health Index to assess ocean health in the relatively data-rich US west coast region. The overall region scored 71 out of 100, with sub-regions scoring from 65 (Washington) to 74(More)
COMPASS In an era of heightened competition for scarce research positions and funding, the mantra of modern academia—''publish or perish''—continues to intensify [1]. Scientists are under increasing pressure to produce as many publications as possible in ''high-impact'' journals to raise their profile among peers and influence their discipline. Yet, in(More)
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