Karen L Heaton

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One aspect of successful aging is maintaining cognitive functioning, which includes both subjective cognitive functioning and objective cognitive functioning even in lieu of subtle cognitive deficits that occur with normal, nonpathological aging. Age-related cognitive deficits emerge across several domains including attention, memory, language, speed of(More)
Psychometric performance of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) has not been evaluated in groups of workers. This study evaluated its use in a sample of 843 long-haul truckers. Interitem correlations and Cronbach's alpha were conducted. Correlation of the ESS with the sleep problems subscale of the Trucker Strain Monitor (TSM) was performed. Dimensionality(More)
ENA’s Emergency Nursing Resources (ENRs) are developed by ENA members to provide emergency nurses with evidence-based information to utilize and implement in their care of emergency patients and families. Each ENR focuses on a clinical or practice-based issue, and is the result of a review and analysis of current information believed to be reliable. As(More)
BACKGROUND Researchers using forums and online focus groups need to ensure they are safe and need tools to make best use of the data. We explored the use of metrics that would allow better forum management and more effective analysis of participant contributions. OBJECTIVE To report retrospectively calculated metrics from self-harm discussion forums and(More)
Little is known about the influence of sleep quality, stress, and caregiver burden on quality of life in maternal caregivers of young children with bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). In 61 maternal caregivers (mean age 29.59 years) of young children with BPD (mean age 13.93 months), caregivers reported sleeping a mean of 5.8 hours, and significant(More)
The vocal behavior of three Cebus monkeys was maintained by fixed-ratio schedules of response dependent reinforcement at values between fixed-ratio 1 and fixed-ratio 15. In one monkey that was exposed to variable-interval, fixed-interval, and conjunctive fixed-ratio fixed-interval schedules of reinforcement, vocal responding occurred at a low rate, but(More)
Nearly 50% of older adults experience difficulty with sleeping, and 21% of older adults also experience cognitive complaints to which sleep difficulties can also contribute to poorer cognitive functioning. Combined, such sleep difficulties and age-related cognitive declines can contribute to poorer performance on everyday activities necessary for(More)
This article examines the policies related to truck driver hours of service regulations that affect occupational and public health and safety. The interaction of the nature of truck driving, labor practices and deregulation of the trucking industry, and the evolution of the current regulations are presented. The work of advocacy coalitions and legal action(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between sleep apnea indicators and injury in older farmers from Kentucky and South Carolina. Participants reported at least 1 day of farm work during the preceding year (n = 756) and received income from farming. The primary outcome variable was occurrence of injuries because of farm work in the past(More)