Karen L. Denzler

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We have generated transgenic mice that constitutively express murine interleukin (IL)-5 in the lung epithelium. Airway expression of this cytokine resulted in a dramatic accumulation of peribronchial eosinophils and striking pathologic changes including the expansion of bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue (BALT), goblet cell hyperplasia, epithelial(More)
10. Mlzuno T, Salto Y, ltakura M, Ito F, Ito T, Monyama EN, Haglwara H, Hirose S (1992) Biochem J 287, 305-309 11 Gao Q, Womack JE (1993) Poster abstract Texas Genetic Society 20th annual meeting and the 4th meeting of TEXGENE, 21 12. Metallinos DL, Oppenheimer A J, Rlnchlk EM, Russell LB, Dietrich W, Tilghman SM (1994) Genetics 136, 217-223 13.(More)
Fig. 1. Map figure from The Jackson BSS backcross showing part of Chr 11. The map is depicted with the centromere toward the top. A 3-cM scale bar is shown to the right of the figure. Loci mapping to the same position are listed in alphabetical order. Missing typings were inferred from surrounding data when assignment was unambiguous. Raw data from The(More)
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