Karen Kohout

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The effect of low dose ionizing radiation on free α-tocopherol levels in beef, pork and lamb longissimus dorsi muscle and on turkey leg and breast muscle were determined. The samples were irradiated in air with a (137)Cs source at eight dose levels between 0 and 9.4 kGy at 5 °C. Irradiation resulted in a significant decrease in α-tocopherol levels in all of(More)
Previous attempts at separating nonpolar lipid esters (including wax esters, sterol esters, and methyl esters) have achieved only limited success. Among the several normal-phase methods tested, a single recent report of a method employing an alumina column at 30°C with a binary gradient system was the most promising. In the current study, modification of(More)
INTRODUCTION The histopathological work-up of colorectal cancer is of critical importance for prognosis and therapy. Therefore we retrospectively analyzed all colorectal carcinomas diagnosed at our institution from January 2002 through March 2003. METHODS 735 of a total of 777 carcinomas could be followed up. These tumors comprised 74 polypectomy(More)
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