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Advanced gastrointestinal (GI) malignancies are varied in presentation, prognosis, and treatment options. With the exception of resectable recurrent colorectal cancer, metastatic GI malignancies are incurable. Cytotoxic chemotherapies have been the mainstay of therapy for decades but limited extension of survival or clinical benefit has been achieved in(More)
Disclaimer: This report is released to inform interested parties of research and to encourage discussion. The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the U.S. Census Bureau. 1 This paper reports the results of research and analysis undertaken by Census Bureau staff. It has undergone a Census 1 Bureau review more limited in(More)
Acknowledgments This assessment was possible because of the diligent support and cooperation of numerous staff at Gostomel, with whom the Ukrainian Agency for Rational Use of Energy and Ecology (ARENA-ECO) has been working for the past two years. In particular, we would like to thank We would also like to acknowledge several individuals who supported or(More)
Special Assistant to the Chief of the American Community Survey Office, provided the concept and directed the development and release of a series of handbooks entitled A Compass for Understanding and Using American Community Survey Data. contributed to the planning and review of this handbook series. Other individuals who contributed to the review and(More)
Synopsis of Program: TPC addresses critical issues and needs regarding the recruitment, preparation, enhancement, and retention of science, technology and mathematics (STM) teachers for grades K-12. Its goals are to improve the quality and coherence of the learning experiences that prepare and enhance STM teachers; to develop innovative resources that(More)
The paper attached summarizes results of an ACS Research and Evaluation project with ID # 00780 concerning new filtering methods for medians and zero estimates. These results were presented at the 2010 Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver, BC Canada. The attached paper was submitted for publication in the proceedings. Abstract The American Community(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess the value in measuring specific time intervals across cancer sites to identify potentially important variation in the timeliness of cancer care that may inform needed changes and/or improvements in coordination of care. DESIGN Retrospective population-level study. Demographic and treatment information were(More)