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Connections withLP bounds on curvature
We show by means of the implicit function theorem that Coulomb gauges exist for fields over a ball inRn when the integralLn/2 field norm is sufficiently small. We then are able to prove a weakExpand
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Harmonic maps into Lie groups: classical solutions of the chiral model
On considere deux aspects de la structure algebrique de #7B-M, l'espace des applications harmoniques d'un domaine a 2 dimensions simplement connexe dans un groupe de Lie reel G R , la forme reelleExpand
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Boundary regularity and the Dirichlet problem for harmonic maps
In a previous paper [10] we developed an interior regularity theory for energy minimizing harmonic maps into Riemannian manifolds. In the first two sections of this paper we prove boundary regularityExpand
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Instantons and Four-Manifolds
This volume has been designed to explore the confluence of techniques and ideas from mathematical physics and the topological study of the differentiable structure of compact four-dimensionalExpand
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Regularity for a class of non-linear elliptic systems
where ~ is a smooth positive function satisfying the ellipticity condition o(Q) + 2~'(Q)q > 0, V denotes the gradient, and [Vs[2 = ~ = 1 ]Vskl 2. This type of system arises as the EulerLagrangeExpand
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Generic Properties of Eigenfunctions
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Removable singularities in Yang-Mills fields
In the last several years, the study of gauge theories in quantum field theory has led to some interesting problems in nonlinear elliptic differential equations. One such problem is the localExpand
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