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Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of beta1 integrin in oligodendrocyte maturation in vitro. Similar studies in vivo have been difficult due to the embryonic and perinatal lethality of null mutations in integrin subunits. Here, we have generated transgenic mouse models that overexpress full length beta1 integrin or express a dominant-negative(More)
BACKGROUND Neighborhood safety, green space, walkability, and sociodemographics may influence physical activity and childhood obesity. METHODS Data on measured height and weight, demographic characteristics, and home ZIP code were collected from year 2004 enrollees in a means-tested preschool program in New York City. Each ZIP code was surrounded by a(More)
To identify student- and school-level sociodemographic characteristics associated with overweight and obesity, the authors conducted cross-sectional analyses of data from 624,204 public school children (kindergarten through 12th grade) who took part in the 2007-2008 New York City Fitnessgram Program. The overall prevalence of obesity was 20.3%, and the(More)
As the world's population ages, there is an increasing need for community environments to support physical activity and social connections for older adults. This exploratory study sought to better understand older adults' usage and perceptions of community green spaces in Taipei, Taiwan, through direct observations of seven green spaces and nineteen(More)
Increasing children's physical activity at school is a national focus in the U.S. to address childhood obesity. While research has demonstrated associations between aspects of school environments and students' physical activity, the literature currently lacks a synthesis of evidence to serve as a practical, spatially-organized resource for school designers(More)
The value of 67Ga and methylene diphosphonate labeled with 99mTc in detecting extrapulmonary lesions was evaluated in 12 patients win whom disseminated nonmeningeal coccidioidomycosis developed after a single epidemic exposure in December 1977. Studies were performed with each radionuclide from 4 to 9 months after infection. Comparison of scintigraphy with(More)
BACKGROUND Although studies have demonstrated that stair prompts are associated with increased physical activity, many were conducted in low-rise buildings over a period of weeks and did not differentiate between stair climbing and descent. PURPOSE This study evaluated the impact of a prompt across different building types, and on stair climbing versus(More)
The overall prognosis of primary amoebic meningoencephalitis remains poor. The results of this study support previous finding that amphotericin B is the most efficacious drug against the Naegleria species in in vitro testing. In addition, the methyl ester of amphotericin B, a new derivative, also appears to be an effective agent. Of the drug combinations(More)
Olfactory Schwann cells (OSCs) extend processes that ensheathe bundles of olfactory axons as they course from the olfactory epithelium to the olfactory bulb (OB). Results of morphological and immunohistochemical studies have led to speculation that OSCs may be involved in guiding the olfactory axons to their target tissue. In this study we have explored(More)