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The rise of food security up international political, societal and academic agendas has led to increasing interest in novel means of improving primary food production and reducing waste. There are however, also many ‘post-farm gate’ activities that are critical to food security, including processing, packaging, distributing, retailing, cooking and(More)
Verapamil increases the sensitivity of primary human colorectal carcinoma tissue to vincristine The inherent resistance of human solid tumours to cancer chemotherapy is a major problem in medical oncology. Experimentally, in cell lines, the resistance phenomena studied are often induced by a process analogous to the induction of antibiotic resistance in(More)
A method is described enabling the direct measurement of vincristine resistance in intact tissues in vivo by morphological study. Using the metaphase arresting properties of the drug, counts were made of escaping anaphase and telophase mitotic figures at a range of doses. The proportion of post-metaphase mitotic figures is called the post-metaphase index(More)
A morphological method has been developed allowing measurement of the effect on intestinal epithelia of vincristine. In routinely prepared tissue sections the proportion of mitotic events progressing beyond metaphase is counted by microscopy. When estimated over a range of doses of vincristine this post-metaphase index (PMI) can be used to compare the(More)
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