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It is unclear if depression or depressive symptoms have an effect on mortality in breast cancer patients. In this population-based, nationwide, retrospective cohort study in Denmark, depression was defined as affective or anxiety disorders that necessitated psychiatric hospital admission. All the affective and anxiety disorders were divided and categorized(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether breast cancer patients have increased incidence of psychiatric admission with affective disorders, anxiety disorders, or non-natural mortality compared with the general female population. METHOD Register-linkage between nation-wide registries: The Danish Psychiatric Central Register, The Danish Cancer Registry, and The(More)
There is a considerable interest in the possible relationship between psychosocial factors and the onset of breast cancer. This cohort study was based upon two nationwide and population-based central registers: The Danish Psychiatric Central Register, which contains all cases of psychiatric admissions, and The Danish Cancer Registry, which contains all(More)
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