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Technical Report on the CleverHans v2.1.0 Adversarial Examples Library
CleverHans is a software library that provides standardized reference implementations of adversarial example construction techniques and adversarial training. The library may be used to develop moreExpand
WARP: Word-level Adversarial ReProgramming
An alternative approach based on adversarial reprogramming is presented, which attempts to learn taskspecific word embeddings that, when concatenated to the input text, instruct the language model to solve the specified task. Expand
Natural Language Inference over Interaction Space: ICLR 2018 Reproducibility Report
This work has evaluated their version of the model on Stanford NLI dataset and reached 86.38% accuracy on the test set, while the paper claims 88.0% accuracy. Expand
Towards JointUD: Part-of-speech Tagging and Lemmatization using Recurrent Neural Networks
An LSTM-based neural network designed for sequence tagging to additionally generate character-level sequences is extended to demonstrate the viability of the proposed multitask architecture, although its performance still remains far from state-of-the-art. Expand
BioRelEx 1.0: Biological Relation Extraction Benchmark
This paper introduces BioRelEx, a new dataset of fully annotated sentences from biomedical literature that capture binding interactions between proteins and/or biomolecules and defines a precise and transparent evaluation process, tools for error analysis and significance tests. Expand
YerevaNN’s Systems for WMT20 Biomedical Translation Task: The Effect of Fixing Misaligned Sentence Pairs
YerevaNN’s neural machine translation systems and data processing pipelines developed for WMT20 biomedical translation task are described and most of the improvements are explained by the heavy data preprocessing pipeline which attempts to fix poorly aligned sentences in the parallel data. Expand