Karen Hallermeier

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We previously identified a nonsense mutation (Cys545Stop) in the paternal human LH/CG receptor (hLHR) allele in a family with two 46,XY children afflicted with Leydig cell hypoplasia. This mutation abolished the signal transduction capability of the affected hLHR. We have now examined all coding exons and the transcript of both alleles of the hLHR gene of(More)
Hereditary primary adrenal insufficiency syndromes due to ACTH resistance include hereditary glucocorticoid deficiency (HGD) and Allgrove's syndrome (AS). Patients with both conditions present in childhood with failure to thrive, weakness, and fatigue or adrenal crisis; patients with AS in addition have alacrima and achalasia (triple A syndrome). We studied(More)
For the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in patients circulating constituents of the contractile apparatus may be measured instead of cytosolic cardiac enzymes. The potential advantages of the use of myofibrillar cardiac proteins as marker proteins for AMI results from their expression as cardio-specific isoforms, their high intracellular(More)
Four polymorphisms were identified in the coding exons of the human luteinizing hormone/chorionic gonadotropin receptor (hLHR) gene. A CTGCAG insertion occurred after nucleotide 54 in 8 of 34 independent chromosomes examined. The heterozygosity frequency was 0.353. This Leu-Gln dipeptide insertion in the first Leucine repeat of the hLHR extracellular domain(More)
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