Karen Griffiths

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OBJECTIVE To determine whether minimally invasive lumbar spinal fusion results in less paraspinal muscle damage than conventional open posterior fusion. METHODS The maximum intramuscular pressure (IMP) generated by a minimally invasive and standard open retractor was compared in cadavers using an ultra-miniature pressure transducer. In a second clinical(More)
CONTEXT Severe malnutrition has a high mortality rate among hospitalized children in sub-Saharan Africa. However, reports suggest that malnutrition is often poorly assessed. The World Health Organization recommends using weight for height, but this method is problematic and often not undertaken in practice. Mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) and the(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The goal was to determine discordance rates between preliminary radiology reports provided by on-call radiology house staff and final reports from attending radiologists on cross-sectional imaging studies requested by emergency department staff after hours. MATERIALS AND METHODS A triplicate carbon copy reporting form was(More)
The Dam1/DASH outer kinetochore complex is required for high-fidelity chromosome segregation in budding and fission yeast. Unlike budding yeast, the fission yeast complex is non-essential, however it promotes bipolar microtubule attachment in conjunction with microtubule-depolymerising kinesin-8 Klp5 and Klp6. Here, we screened for dam1 temperature(More)
Although pulmonary rehabilitation results in improvement in multiple outcome areas, relatively few studies in the United States have evaluated its effect on healthcare utilization. This study compared aspects of healthcare utilization during the year before to the year after outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary(More)
We compared axillary, rectal and tympanic temperatures in children admitted with severe malaria. The axillary temperatures were 0.74 degrees C (95% limits of agreement -0.85 to 2.33 degrees C) less than rectal temperatures and tympanic temperatures 0.42 degrees C (95% limits of agreement -0.16 to 2.44 degrees C) less than rectal temperatures. The difference(More)
Several years ago Baylor University moved from a passively managed data backup model to an actively managed strategy. As much as we would like the responsibility for data backup to reside with the owner of the data, we realize that in most cases this does not hold true. Our clients' expectation is that the Information Technology Systems (ITS) department is(More)
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