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Desaturases catalyse modifications to fatty acids which are essential to homeostasis and for pheromone and defensive chemical production. All desaturases of the flour beetle Tribolium castaneum were investigated via query of the sequenced genome which yielded 15 putative acyl-Coenzyme A genes. Eleven desaturase mRNA were obtained in full length and(More)
Z9 Desaturases catalyse the formation of a cis-unsaturated bond in the Δ9 position of the saturated fatty acids stearate and palmitate. They are considered essential enzymes in eukaryotic organisms as their Z9 unsaturated fatty acid products are required for homeostatic roles such as maintenance of membrane fluidity. Two putative Z9 acyl Coenzyme-A(More)
The defensive and bioactive polyacetylenic fatty acid, 8Z-dihydromatricaria acid, is sequestered within a wide range of organisms, including plants, fungi and soldier beetles. The 8Z-dihydromatricaria acid is concentrated in the defence and accessory glands of soldier beetles to repel avian predators and protect eggs. In eukaryotes, acetylenic modifications(More)
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