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The preferred and actual participation roles during decision making have been studied over the past two decades; however, there is a lack of evidence on the degree of match between patients' preferred and actual participation roles during decision making. A systematic review was carried out to identify published studies that examined preferred and actual(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the evidence to determine if there are gender differences in suicidal ideation of adolescents. This study examined the main effect of risk factors from 5 domains and protective factors from 1 domain in relation to suicidal ideation by gender and identified the most important predictors of suicidal ideation for males(More)
This study examined the associations between trait routinization and functional and cognitive as well as demographic indicators. A sample of American older adults living independently in a retirement community (n = 80) were assessed regarding their functional status, cognitive status, and preference for routine. Robust associations between functional status(More)
The performance of the Acceptability E-scale was tested in a sample of 627 adult and older adult patients from various oncology clinics who completed an electronic symptoms survey. The revised Acceptability E-scale has strong psychometric properties and can be useful in assessing the acceptability and usability of computerized health-related programs in(More)
The purpose of this study was to profile mothers who prefer control over their hospitalized children's care. The subjects were 100 mothers in a private community hospital pediatric unit and 284 mothers in a children's hospital. The findings showed significant correlations in both groups between the desire for control and four of the six variables studied:(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To review physician, patient, and contextual factors that affect treatment decision making in older adults diagnosed with cancer, and to relate those factors to theoretical models of decision making. DATA SOURCES PubMed (1966 to April 2010), PsycINFO (1967 to April 2010) and CINAHL® (1982 to April 2010) databases were searched to access(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To describe the preferences for participation in decision making of older adult patients newly diagnosed with symptomatic myeloma and to explore the association between sociodemographic variables and decisional role preferences. DESIGN Descriptive, cross-sectional design. SETTING Participants' homes and two large academic cancer(More)
This pilot study aimed to examine the effectiveness of visual-feedback therapy for individuals with psychotic disorders. Visual-feedback therapy combines structured psychodynamic therapy and visual feedback achieved via an electronic monitoring medication cap to increase insight about medication behaviours. Thirty subjects were randomly assigned either to(More)
Adherence to antipsychotic medications is key to enhancing maximum responses to medication and to decreasing relapse rates among those with psychotic disorders. Visual feedback therapy used electronic monitoring to provide visual feedback of daily medication-taking behaviors, combined with supportive counseling and education components. Twenty-three(More)
The purpose of this study was to test a theoretical model predicting the relationships among four concepts: predictability of events, control, anxiety, and coping effort of mothers of children hospitalized with acute physical conditions. The sample consisted of 45 mothers of acutely ill, hospitalized children from 1-24 months of age. For each of the(More)