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  • K Ford
  • The International migration review
  • 1990
"This paper analyzes census data on the fertility of U.S. immigrants to study trends in fertility after migration. The results showed that immigrant fertility may rise after arrival in the new country perhaps because immigrants are making up for births or marriages that may have been postponed due to the move. After a period of time, the fertility of(More)
Members of the AP-1 family of transcription factors participate in the regulation of bone cell proliferation and differentiation. We report here a potent AP-1-related regulator of osteoblast function: DeltaFosB, a naturally occurring truncated form of FosB that arises from alternative splicing of the fosB transcript and is expressed in osteoblasts.(More)
AIM   This article is a report of a mixed method study of the quality of clinical placements for second year undergraduate nursing students in an acute care hospital. BACKGROUND   In response to the current and predicted workforce shortages, greater numbers of nursing undergraduate places are being offered at tertiary institutions. This means that(More)
AIMS OF THE STUDY This study explored paediatric nurses' experiences of caring for children with special needs and their families in an acute care setting. The aim of the study was to increase understanding of nurses' experiences of caring for these children and their families. The study was designed to reveal the caring practices embedded within these(More)
We have observed a narrow state near 2.32 GeV/c(2) in the inclusive D(+)(s)pi(0) invariant mass distribution from e(+)e(-) annihilation data at energies near 10.6 GeV. The observed width is consistent with the experimental resolution. The small intrinsic width and the quantum numbers of the final state indicate that the decay violates isospin conservation.(More)
We observe a new D_{s} meson with mass (2856.6+/-1.5_{stat}+/-5.0_{syst}) MeV/c;{2} and width (48+/-7_{stat}+/-10_{syst}) MeV/c;{2} decaying into D0K+ and D;{+}K_{S};{0}. In the same mass distributions, we also observe a broad structure with mass (2688+/-4_{stat}+/-3_{syst}) MeV/c;{2} and width (112+/-7_{stat}+/-36_{syst}) MeV/c;{2}. To obtain this result,(More)
We study initial-state radiation events, e+ e- --> gammaISR pi+ pi- J/psi, with data collected with the BABAR detector. We observe an accumulation of events near 4.26 GeV/c2 in the invariant-mass spectrum of pi+ pi- J/psi. Fits to the mass spectrum indicate that a broad resonance with a mass of about 4.26 GeV/c2 is required to describe the observed(More)
Operant-conditioning methods were used to train rats to reach through an opening in an operant chamber to exert forces on a silent, neraly isometric force-sensing manipulandum. The reinforcement contingency required the rat to hold forelimb force at 20–50 g for a minimum of 2 s. Once established, this ‘hold-in-the-band’ behavior yielded three measures of(More)
Admission to hospital is recognised as a difficult time for children and families. This study explored clown doctor activities in an acute paediatric setting and the impact their activities have on children, their families, other health professionals and clown doctors themselves. We used observation, semi-structured interviews and focus groups with children(More)
A central concern when conducting qualitative health research with children is eliciting data that genuinely reflect their perspectives. Invariably, this involves being child-centered and participatory. Drawing and photography increasingly accompany dialogic methods to facilitate children's communication through arts-based and verbal modes of expression.(More)