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A local perspective on diarrheal illness has been shown to enhance control strategies for diarrheal disease in traditional rural settings. We aimed to assess caregivers’ understandings of childhood general and diarrheal illness, in one rural community in Vanuatu, to help formulate control strategies for preventing diarrheal disease. This was a descriptive(More)
Satisfaction with various aspects of a hospital visit may affect a patient's decisions about future patronage. Relationships between aspects of satisfaction, future use, and referral intentions, moderated by urgency, are explored in this study of 493 privately insured individuals. Results confirm the strong association between satisfaction and future(More)
Changing macroenvironmental factors have caused hospital administrators to reassess their positions across all service lines and market segments. This pilot study explores relationships among the service experience, satisfaction and future patronage decisions among 368 Medicare patients, an often overlooked segment, who were recent users of a hospital(More)
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