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The importance of 'configural' processing for face recognition is now well established, but it remains unclear precisely what it entails. Through four experiments we attempted to clarify the nature of configural processing by investigating the effects of various affine transformations on the recognition of familiar faces. Experiment 1 showed that(More)
Sangiran (Solo Basin, Central Java, Indonesia) is the singular Homo erectus fossil locale for Early Pleistocene Southeast Asia. Sangiran is the source for more than 80 specimens in deposits with (40)Ar/(39)Ar ages of 1.51-0.9 Ma. In April 2001, we recovered a H. erectus left maxilla fragment (preserving P(3)- M(2)) from the Sangiran site of Bapang. The find(More)
A simple reverse phase high pressure liquid chromatographic method is described for determining sulfanitran (acetyl-p-nitrophenylsulfanilamide) and Dinsed (dinitrodiphenylsulfonylethylenediamine) in a variety of feed premixes and formulations. Feed premixes are extracted with dimethylformamide, and formulated feeds are extracted with hot methanol. The(More)
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