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BACKGROUND The smallpox vaccine is associated with more serious adverse events than any other live attenuated vaccine in use today. Although studies have examined serum cytokine levels in primary vaccine recipients at 1 and 3-5 weeks after vaccination with the smallpox vaccine, serial measurements have not been performed, and studies in revaccinated(More)
PURPOSE We investigated whether purified prostate specific antigen (PSA), a seminal plasma serine protease of the kallikrein enzyme family, is capable of releasing kinin-like peptides from natural substrate glycoproteins in human seminal vesicle fluid. MATERIALS AND METHODS An in vivo rat bladder model was used to monitor for release of substances capable(More)
An electroencephalographic analysis of personality-dependent psychomotor performance was investigated in 11 volunteers under 160 μg/kg psilocybin-induced ergotropic arousal. Significant psilocybin-induced changes in mean energy content of EEG, reaction time, and latency and duration of alpha attenuation to photic stimuli were noted in all subjects, as well(More)
We define hallucinations as experiences of intense sensations (S) during which the ability and intention for verification through voluntary motor (M) performance is damped or blocked. We have set out to quantify the high sensory to motor (S/M) ratio implicit in a hallucinatory experience by inducing the latter through the administration of 160 μg/kg(More)
Using apparent fronto-parallel plane (AFP) monitoring techniques, the relative stability of the abathic plane, i.e. Euclidean visual space, was investigated in 16 volunteers with a median age of 23.5 years under 160 μg/kg psilocybininduced ergotropic arousal. Handwriting area and pressure were also measured in the same subjects. Drug-induced contraction of(More)
Synopsis The literature pertaining to the rehabilitation of ice hockey players seeking to return to sport after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) is currently limited. The purpose of this clinical commentary was to present a criterion-based progression for return to ice hockey for athletes after ACLR. First, we review pertinent literature and(More)
Hydraulic seals using compacted sand–bentonite blocks are an important part of the closure phase of deep geological disposal facilities for the isolation of many categories of radioactive wastes. An understanding of the hydromechanical behaviour of these seals and the ability to model their behaviour is a key contribution to safety cases and licence(More)
MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) induces thermogenesis in a mitochondrial uncoupling protein 3-dependent manner. There is evidence that this hyperthermia is mediated in part by the lipolytic release of free fatty acids, that subsequently activate uncoupling protein 3 in skeletal muscle mitochondria. We hypothesize that atrial natriuretic peptide(More)
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