Karen E DeMatteo

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Through presence-only data, ecological niche modeling can use environmental variables to generate maps of areas that are potentially suitable for the presence of a species, improving our knowledge of(More)
Open-ended vasectomies were performed on four male bush dogs (Speothos venaticus), with three having microscopic reversal surgery (vasovasostomy) between 10 and 20 mo post-vasectomy. The key to ease(More)
The common piping guan (Pipile cumanensis cumanensis) is serving as a model for assisted reproductive techniques (ARTs) in Cracidae (Aves: Galliformes). Manual collection methods used in domestic(More)
Wildlife remains an important source of zoonotic diseases for the most vulnerable groups of humans, primarily those living in rural areas or coexisting with forest. The Upper Paraná Atlantic forest(More)