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The roles of chromatic aberration and accommodation as cues to emmetropization in the chick were investigated. Myopia was induced monocularly by lid suture for a period of 1-2 weeks from hatching, after which eyes were reopened and the recovery process followed. Monochromatic light (ML) rearing conditions and ciliary nerve section surgery were used to(More)
OBJECTIVE Faecal incontinence secondary to myelomeningocele, Hirschsprung disease, and anorectal anomalies remains a significant and common problem. We aimed to report our 5-year experience with the Peristeen trans-anal irrigation system (TAIS) to manage such children. PATIENTS AND METHOD This study was a combination of a retrospective case note review(More)
In rapidly growing male Sprague-Dawley rats with an initial body weight of 100 +/- 10 g, we investigated how alimentary magnesium (Mg) supply, Mg metabolism and ciclosporine (Ci)-associated nephrotoxicity are interrelated. Food with 100 ppm Mg (1Mg) or 1,000 ppm Mg (stMg) or 10,000 ppm Mg (rMg), Ci 20 mg/kg body weight daily or olive oil were applied for 3(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare a 1-h-version of a magnesium-loading-test (MLT) designed for outpatients in healthy controls with the 8-h standard; to establish the test in patients after renal transplantation prone to develop magnesium (Mg) deficiency; to correlate femur Mg-concentration and percentage retention of the given load. DESIGN Comparison of mean values(More)
Postoperative delirium is one of the most common adverse outcomes in elderly patients undergoing surgery and is associated with increased morbidity, length of stay, and patient care costs. The purpose of this quality improvement project was to evaluate the effectiveness of a multicomponent strategy to identify and treat general surgical patients 65 years of(More)
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