Karen DeMuth

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Genome-wide association studies of human gene expression promise to identify functional regulatory genetic variation that contributes to phenotypic diversity. However, it is unclear how useful this approach will be for the identification of disease-susceptibility variants. We generated gene expression profiles for 22 184 mRNA transcripts using RNA derived(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The diagnosis and quantification of microangiopathy in dementia is difficult. The assessment of small-vessel disease requires expensive and sophisticated nuclear medicine techniques. This study was performed to identify microangiopathy related to the integrity of cerebral microcirculation by sonographic measurements (arteriovenous(More)
Transcranial color-coded real-time sonography (TCCS) was performed in 57 patients with primary intracranial brain tumors (n = 49) or arteriovenous malformations (n = 8) to evaluate its diagnostic potential. In 46 patients (81%), lesions could be identified employing this technique. In 7 patients, transcranial ultrasound examination was not feasible because(More)
This article describes a case report on a rare cause of acute respiratory failure. The patient suffered from a rapidly progressing respiratory insufficiency due to intoxication with a neurotoxin (botulism). A rapid diagnosis proved to be very difficult due to the rarity of the disease itself and the difficulties encountered in the clinical examination(More)
Das plötzliche Auftreten einer Hörstörung oder eines Hörverlusts kann ein charakteristisches Symptom einer vertebrobasilären Perfusionsstörung sein. Wir berichten über einen 65-jährigen männlichen Patienten, bei dem ein linksseitiges Ohrgeräusch mit kurz darauf aufgetretenem akutem Hörverlust das Erstsymptom eines Infarkts der A. cerebelli inferior anterior(More)
This double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial evaluated the impact on withdrawal symptoms of (i) combining naltrexone with a 4-day buprenorphine taper for short opioid detoxification (NB Group), compared to (ii) using a 4-day buprenorphine taper alone, followed by naltrexone on day 8 (PB Group). Sublingual buprenorphine was administered(More)
The sudden onset of hearing impairment or hearing loss can be a characteristic sign of a vertebrobasilar circulatory disturbance. We report on a 65 year old male patient with an acute left-sided tinnitus followed by hearing loss as an initial symptom of an infarction of the left anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA). Successively, additional symptoms(More)
Anhand einer Kasuistik wird über eine seltene Ursache der akuten respiratorischen Insuffizienz berichtet. Es handelte sich um ein rasch progredientes Atempumpversagen, verursacht durch ein Neurotoxin (Botulismus). Die zügige Diagnosestellung war eine Herausforderung, zum einen wegen der Seltenheit der Erkrankung an sich, zum anderen wegen der erschwerten(More)
Asthma is a leading chronic disorder among children and adolescents. Although some children outgrow asthma while transitioning into adulthood, there are others who continue to suffer from life-threatening asthmatic exacerbations. Teenagers tend to have certain misconceptions about their asthmatic condition and treatment which are rarely recognized or(More)
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