Karen D. Arnold

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Calcium sensitivity of myosin cross-bridge activation in striated muscles commonly varies during ontogeny and in response to alterations in muscle usage, but the consequences for whole-organism physiology are not well known. Here we show that the relative abundances of alternatively spliced transcripts of the calcium regulatory protein troponin T (TnT) vary(More)
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Juvenile delinquents' (n = 60) and nondelinquents' (n = 73) stages of moral development were compared using both recognition and production measures. Juvenile delinquents were found to score significantly lower than nondelinquents on a production measure of moral judgment (the Sociomoral Reflection Measure). A recognition measure (the Sociomoral Reflection(More)
The value of ergotherapy (ET) was examined again. Two groups of patients were compared. 223 patients-treated with and 344 patients-attended without ET. It could be shown, that ET reduce the disablement in cases of fractures of metacarpalia and phalanges 1. In all cases with ET is the function of the injured hand something better and the rehabilitation more(More)
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