Karen Cunningham

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Low-grade inflammation is a characteristic of the obese state, and adipose tissue releases many inflammatory mediators. The source of these mediators within adipose tissue is not clear, but infiltrating macrophages seem to be especially important, although adipocytes themselves play a role. Obese people have higher circulating concentrations of many(More)
Prospective studies have shown that chronic low-grade inflammation may contribute to the pathogenesis of the most common chronic diseases and in particular CVD. Obesity has repeatedly been associated with moderately raised levels of inflammation, and this observation has led to the view that obesity is characterised by a state of chronic low-grade(More)
A study of the dietary intake of 115 male and 217 female mentally handicapped persons aged 15-64 years in five long-stay institutions was carried out using a semi-weighed technique over 4 d. Nineteen per cent of males and 5% of females were classified as being underweight and 15% of males and 27% of females were classified as being obese. The average daily(More)
Millions of people in Asia are facing challenges from undernutrition, obesity, and diet-related non-communicable diseases. Unilever, as a global food business, has a simple approach to nutrition strategy: 'better products' help people to enjoy 'better diets' and live 'better lives.' For 'Better Products,' Unilever strives to improve the taste and(More)
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