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In a previous formative evaluation of the PACT Geometry tutor, we found significant learning gains, but also some evidence of shallow learning. We hypothesized that a cognitive tutor may be even more effective if it requires students to provide explanations for their solution steps. We hypothesized that this would help students to learn with deeper(More)
Methylnaltrexone, a peripherally acting mu-opioid receptor antagonist with restricted ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, reverses opioid-induced constipation (OIC) without affecting analgesia. A double-blind study in patients with advanced illness and OIC demonstrated that methylnaltrexone significantly induced laxation within four hours after the(More)
A common feature shared between several human cancer-associated viruses, such as Epstein-Barr virus, Hepatitis B virus and Hepatitis C virus, and Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the ability to reduce the expression of cellular E-cadherin. Since E-cadherin is used by Langerhans cells to move through the stratified epithelium, its reduction may affect the(More)
Previous studies (Holmes, K. V., and P. W. Choppin. J. Exp. Med. 124:501-520; J. Cell Biol. 39:526-543) showed that infection of baby hamster kidney (BHK21F) cells with the parainfluenza virus SV5 causes extensive cell fusion, that nuclei migrate in the syncytial cytoplasm and align in tightly-packed rows, and that microtubules are involved in nuclear(More)
In this paper, we describe the ability of evaluators with limited experience to use Heuristic Evaluation (HE) in assessing a complex interface. We analyze our results in terms of the proportion of problems found by different sets of evaluators in different areas of the interface. Our results illustrate that the 5-10 evaluator size advocated by Nielsen and(More)
Contextual Inquiry is a method developed by Beyer and Holtzblatt for grounding design in the context of the work being performed. In this paper, we describe our adaptation of the method to analyze videotaped presentations. Our goal was to find improvements for a slide presentation program currently in development, called 'SlideShow Commander.' Contextual(More)
As traditional media make the transition to the web, the need for a systematic way of assessing the entertainment value of interfaces becomes increasingly important. In this paper we describe an experiment using online manipulations of traditional paper comic books to a) evaluate the effectiveness of different online presentations of a traditional(More)
We developed a 2D multi-agent stochastic model of interaction between cellular debris, bacteria and neutrophils in the surface cutaneous wound with local hypoxia. Bacteria, which grow logistically with a maximum carrying capacity, and debris are phagocytosed by neutrophils with probability determined by the partial pressure of oxygen in the tissue, pO 2  =(More)
Over the past year, Adobeís User Research Team undertook a large research initiative exploring a new business domain within the realm of our professional software products. We approached this domain by exploring and documenting user workflows spanning across numerous people, applications, and business verticals.Due to impracticalities of using standard(More)
replicate its genome with high fidelity and correctly distribute the two genomic copies between daughter cells. Failures in DNA replication or repair can lead to heritable mutations. Failures in partitioning the DNA can lead to aneuploidy, which is the presence of either too many or too few chromosomes in a cell. Aneuploidy is a common feature of many(More)