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Breastfeeding is the method of choice for infants and most women support the statement that 'breast is best'. Although the majority of Australian women do initiate breastfeeding, many also encounter difficulties in what they assume to be an easy, natural process. Additionally, a number of women face difficulties significant enough to warrant additional(More)
A Virtual union catalog is a possible alternative to the centralized database of distributed resources found in many library systems. Such a catalog would not be maintained in a single location but would be created in real time by searching each local campus or affiliate library's catalog through the Z39.50 protocol. This would eliminate the redundancy of(More)
The author performs a thought experiment on the concept of a record based on FRBR and library system functions, and concludes that if we want to develop a functional bibliographic record we need to do it within the context of a flexible, functional library systems record structure. The article suggests a new way to look at the library systems record that(More)
Bibliographic description in emerging library standards is embracing a multi-entity model that describes varying levels of abstraction from the conceptual work to the physical item. Three of these multi-entity models have been published as vocabularies using the Semantic Web standard Resource Description Framework (RDF): FRBR, RDA, and BIBFRAME. The authors(More)